This Can Change Your Life!

Research has told us that 80 % of all people want to feel better about themselves while living a healthier life and being successful.

The great news is that you can live a much healthier longer life, feeling better and being more successful than you have before!

You can also have an amazing looking body without an expensive workout program.

You may be wondering how this is possible. How can I lose weight without the gym or the insane exercise program?

The key to success is simple. You need to do the work and you must continue to do the work. In essence you need to persevere in order to succeed.

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Let me explain:

Our bodies are a large complex process; it has needs water, food, sleep and exercise in order to function properly. Water and food are used to create energy for our bodies stay alive.

Our bodies use sleep in order to rest and recharge so it can continue to function properly each and every day.

Physical activity, also known as exercise, is the one thing that people forget that their bodies need just as it needs sleep, food and water. Often, exercise is considered unimportant or a waste of time.Very few people actually realize the true importance of exercise, that it is as important as sleep, water and food. If you did not eat, or sleep you would recognize right away the negative effect it has on you. The same negative effect is true of exercise.

Exercise even directly affects how you feel on a day to day basis and can even help heal your body and mind. Research has shown that walking or jogging works better for depression than antidepressants! By walking you tire your muscles, your body then goes to work to repair your muscles and remove waste. It also begins the metabolic process of replenishing the used up energy. The result…You feel better.

Without exercise the muscles in your body will decrease in size. Not only do the muscles decrease but the removal of waste from the metabolic processes in your body will also stop, so will cell reproduction and other important processes. This is why it is so important to not only exercise but get the right amount of exercise.

Unlike major gyms would have you to believe, you do not need to join an expensive work out program or do intense workout training in order to get your body the exercise it needs. You can create a workout routine that suits you. For instance, you can walk or ride a bicycle to the store, take stairs instead of an elevator, you can even take your pooch on a walk everyday and be able to get the correct amount of exercise you need. In fact you can even save yourself the time of going to a gym and exercise and workout while simply cleaning your house.

Exercise and working out does not need to take an hour or a half an hour to be healthy for you and give you results. In fact only 7 minutes every other day is what your body needs to lose weight and stay healthy as long as you do it correctly.

The hardest part is often doing it every day. But there is a program out there that matches your lifestyle and it still will only take you 7 minutes every other day.  You can lose weight, have a healthy muscular body and feel great too. With this site you can watch videos that explain the correct exercises to do that will benefit you. Track your progress while you slim down and lose weight. Set and reach goals for yourself and even program a play list that is designed with you in mind.  You can use the forums to connect with others who are on the same path as you and share your experiences with each other to strengthen and encourage each other.

This program is not a “lose all your weight overnight” type of program. It will take commitment from you. You must do the work. And our commitment to you is that if you do the exercises and workouts for just 7 minutes every other day it will improve your health, your confidence and your overall appearance.

What are you waiting for? Make the choice to live a happier healthier life. With only 7 minutes every other day you can no longer claim that you do not have the time. You no longer have to do it alone with the support you receive through others on our site. Get started today, once you start you will not want to stop.

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Benefits of Exercise and Why You Should Do it.

Nowadays, many people spend much of their money on diet pills, exercise devices, and misrepresented health or fitness products, which guarantees few pounds off your weight. But in reality, you do not need to spend that much to be in shape. In fact a good set of weights and a brisk walk is all you need to get the body you’ve ever wanted.

We all know that exercise is good for us, whether you are talking about resistance training, Pilates, Yoga, cardiovascular activities, or any other form of routines; they all have a positive effect on our well-being. But doing those is another question. We can always find an excuse not to exercise: too much work, not enough time, or just too tired. A busy lifestyle is a common trait today and squeezing an active routine to that busy schedule is just impossible. But a 7 minute workout every two days would not be that much of a dent off your time. All it takes is 7 minutes and you get the benefits of having a healthy and fit body.

However, the main incentive to make you start exercising is overall natural health improvement. It can help you not only in your physical well-being, but with mental health as well. Here are some top reasons to motivate you to exercise:


Slows Aging

Being younger than our actual age is what we always want- we don’t want to be old. Do you know that the primary reason why elderly people end up in nursing homes is because they lose the ability to think and move on their own. Do we want that? Until we retire, that is. Once we don’t have to go to work anymore, or deal with scheduling and lifestyle issues, suddenly the only thing that we have to think about is whether to watch game shows or soap operas all day long, and the only exercise we get is deftly flying our fingers over the remote control. Studies have shown regular exercise slows down the aging process. So get in shape now!

Weight control: Regular physical activity helps people lose excess weight or stay at a reasonable weight; exercise increases metabolism and burns calories. Duke University research published in the Journal of Applied Physiology found that overweight, sedentary adults who began exercising lost visceral fat, or at least did not gain more. Those who did not exercise, however, gained more in just six months.

For everyone else, here is a newsflash: In America today – the year 2004 – obesity related health conditions account for more deaths in the United States each year than all known forms of cancer combined. Heart Disease alone is the number one killer of American adults, and it is a preventable condition.

Boosts Self-esteem

Okay, so you’ve determined that you aren’t exactly Olympic athlete material. So what? You don’t even like sports, let alone being very good at them. That’s fine, and there is nothing wrong with that. So what about fat? Do you like bodyfat? Do you find it physically appealing? Do you think it’s healthy? How about self-esteem? 64% of Americans are overweight. That is almost two-thirds of the population. If you think that a figure like that and the skyrocketing sales of prescription anti-depressants aren’t related, you now have a second opportunity to stop reading this article and continue on with your day.

Increase flexibility, muscle strength and endurance: Health studies have proven that strength training increases muscle strength and mass and decreases fat tissue.

Bone strength and prevention of osteoporosis: An active lifestyle benefits bone density thus making it more stronger and withstand high impact activities .

Stronger immune system: The findings from some studies support the possibility that exercise may delay immunosenescence; an age related decline of the immune system’s function.

Better sleep: Daily exercise can serve as relaxation and stress relieving activity. It can improve the quality and quantity of sleep. It helps you by having a quicker sleep-onset, and longer sleep duration thus giving you a more rested mind and body.

Chronic back pain relief: By increasing muscle strength and endurance and improving flexibility and posture regular exercise helps to prevent lower back pain, middle back pain and upper back pain. Many exercise studies show that yoga, in particular, seems to help.

Personal stress management: Exercise stimulates various brain chemicals and hormones, which may leave you feeling happier and more relaxed.

Fight depression: Many studies show that exercise promotes positive mental health and reduces symptoms of depression.

Increase longevity: People who are physically active, live longer. Regular physical activity provides benefits to men and women of all ages.

New brain cell development: Exercise stimulates the formation of new brain cells called neurons. It also strengthens connections between those cells. The areas of the brain that are stimulated through long-term exercise are associated with memory and learning.

Cardiovascular disease prevention: Lack of physical activity is one of the major risk factors for cardiovascular diseases. There is a direct relation between physical inactivity and cardiovascular death. Studies have shown, people who were physically active at least twice a week had a 41 percent lower risk of developing coronary heart disease (CHD) than those who performed no physical activity.

Cholesterol lowering: Physical exercise favourably influences blood cholesterol levels by decreasing LDL cholesterol, triglycerides and total cholesterol and increasing HDL cholesterol.

Type II Diabetes prevention and control: Exercise can promote healthy blood sugar levels in the body. There is strong evidence from randomized controlled studies (e.g. Finnish Diabetes Prevention Study and the Diabetes Prevention Program in the U.S.) that moderate physical activity combined with weight loss and balanced diet can confer a 50-60 percent reduction in risk of developing diabetes among those already at high risk.

Lower blood pressure: Low physical activity increases the risk of hypertension. Regular exercise training seems to be effective in reducing blood pressure.

Reduce stroke risk: Research data indicates that moderate and high levels of physical activity may reduce risk of total, ischemic, and hemorrhagic strokes. According to a study in the December 2007 issue of Neurology, published by the American Academy of Neurology, people who have good physical function after the age of 40 may lower their risk of stroke by as much as 50 percent compared to people who are not able to climb stairs, kneel, bend, or lift as well.


Exercise without a healthy nutrition program is not effective or even will do harm than good to you. You must pair up your routine with healthy and natural foods. The 7 minute workout program will provide a good combination of weight resistance, cardiovascular training, and healthy nutrition program to help you achieve your optimum capacity.

1) Weight/Resistance Training – Weight training for both men and women has the same effect – it makes your muscles more metabolically active. In simpler terms, it means your muscles will burn more calories – even when you are sleeping. Muscle is the only site on your body where bodyfat is broken down. Weak muscles = weak metabolism. Weak metabolism = slow calorie burning.

2) Cardiovascular Training – Contrary to popular belief, this type of training is meant to help your cardio-respiratory system function more effectively, and ultimately to last longer. Does it burn a lot of calories? Sure it does. However, if you don’t combine it with resistance training and supportive nutrition, you’ll likely just burn off water weight and the muscle tissue that you worked so hard for up in step number 1.

3) Healthy Nutrition Program – Quality sources of complex and fibrous carbohydrates, essential fatty acids, and lean sources of protein. Eat those nutrients in reasonable proportions frequently throughout your day, and your metabolism (refer again to #1) will crank up to high, and you’ll be burning more calories on a day to day basis than you ever have before in your life.


So far we have seen that not only can exercise keep us out of a nursing home, but it can also keep off excess levels of bodyfat which will – literally – keep us alive. We haven’t even touched on sports performance, recreational activities, improved energy levels, ability to focus, or many of the other benefits of a regular exercise program.

Everyone exercises for different reasons. The bottom line is to start slowly and then make it a part of your lifestyle. Follow the 7 minute workout for every two days; do it and start taking steps to improve your body and mind’s natural health.



7minute workout is enough, learn how!

Our body is a large complex process, it needs water, food, sleep and exercise. Water and food are used so that bodily process are able to function. Sleep, as what people understand, is the time for the body to rest and recharge after doing daily activities.

But keeping in motion, is what most people do not take seriously . Many people take it for granted and think that there are other more important things to do. But how really it is important to you?


If your muscle do not get exercise for a period of time it will eventually decrease its size. And it’s not just that your muscles decrease when not in use, also the removal of waste from the combustion processes of the body will stop. This is also true with the production of new cells and many other processes.

It is therefore important to get enough exercise. Now, you do not need to go to the gym. You can take a walk to your groceries. Instead of using a scooter, take the bike. Cycling improves your health and reduces air pollution. Use the stairs instead of the elevator. These are some simple ways for you to exercise. 

Exercise has a direct effect on how we feel .  It even has a healing effect! Research shows that walking or jogging works better for depression than antidepressants! When you run you release stressful feelings and then you will feel satisfied. The body then goes to work to the muscles to repair damaged cells, remove waste, and replenish used upped energy. All this action leads to a good feeling.

Only few people realize the importance of exercise. Exercise is as important with eating, drinking, and sleeping. When we only take certain nutrients or get a few hours of sleep, these will have negative effects on our body. You do not have to go to the gym to exercise. You can do it in your house and all your body parts will get the needed exercise. The downside of working out in the gym is you have to travel and that will consume much of your time.


Exercise or training does not require too much time. Only 7 minutes a day is generally enough if you just do it correctly and regularly. To start, it will take some time before you get the hang of it. There is a program that can support you and everything is well organized . It gives you the exercises for a training program for 7 minutes every other day. It lets you effectively lose weight, and gives you a strong and well shaped body built. Check out the site, watch the videos that explain the exercises. You can even program a play list, track your progress and your goals. If you do this for the long term it will not be free, but remember that an effective training program will improve your physical condition, health, and sense of self.

If you also maintain the full exercise, you will see how your body , your health and appearance change.


Sunrider products are of course a perfect complement to this program and to your goal so you have support, be it weight loss, bodybuilding or improved health and resistance. Fortune Delight improves elimination of waste from the train nuplus and gives you the energy to get going and the longer sustainable. Vitalité caps ensure that the body burns fat during exercise and care just as sport caps that you can workout longer sustain. But also ensure such a busy day can go longer.

Start now, take the decision that will change your life and something every day of exercise will do. This every day 7 minute training program, takes away the excuse of no time. Allow your initial support through this program, if you know it once then you may not even do it, you’ll find some great support for it to explain everything you need.  Just follow the program and keep your progress updated. There is also a community for you to share your experiences with the program. Learn more about  the 7 minutes more program here